Banana Sundae

1/3 oz thick Chocolate Syrup
1/3 oz Banana Syrup
1/3 oz Strawberry Syrup
Whipped Cream
Chocolate Sprinkles
Maraschino Cherry

Measure out 1/3 oz of thick Chocolate, 1/3 oz Banana syrup and 1/3 Strawberry syrup and pour in to your favorite mug. Add the espresso - one to two shots, depending on your taste and stir. Fill the rest of the way with steamy, foamed Milk. Top with Whipped Cream and Chocolate sprinkles.

I like to squeeze the cherry over the top of the whipped cream and then place on top. Great coffee drink as an after dinner dessert!

Note: I have used 1/4 of a fresh banana and blend it using my Vita Mix Blender with the syrups and espresso, then pour it into the mug and finish using the regular directions. It just makes me feel like I'm getting some real fruit and it is healthier.

Submitted by:
Name: Robin
Web Site: Know Your Beans